Product Design & Customization

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Tenneco Systems Protection (TSP) takes pride in being a solution provider and partner to our customers by working to deliver the right solution for each application. We recognize that not every problem can be solved with a single product. By listening to our customers, we gain a better understanding of current industry challenges and are committed to developing new products to meet these demands in the ever-changing marketplace.

TSP is continually evolving its product portfolio by drawing from a broad range of capabilities and expertise. Utilizing a variety of different materials, constructions, processes, and design features, we create new innovative products to meet needs for performance, survivability, and installation. Through collaboration with our customers, innovative ideas, and quick prototype fabrication, we deliver the optimal solution for each application.

Utilizing an extensive materials portfolio and the latest advancements in technology, TSP strategically selects and blends unique fibers, coatings, adhesives, and other materials to create cost effective multifunctional designs capable of surviving in extreme conditions while providing varying levels of performance. TSP strives to do its part in meeting environmental and eco-friendly initiatives including RoHS and REACH compliance by selecting appropriate materials.

With our textile foundation encompassing weaving, braiding, knitting and non-woven processes, TSP prides itself in utilizing the best textile process for each application. Through variable construction attributes within each textile process, a balance of different metrics including technical performance, durability, install ability, expandability, and use ability can be met.

Adding Value:
TSP looks to add value to our textiles and products through the incorporation of secondary processes, design features and customization in order to enhance performance and functionality. Lamination and coatings allow designers to add secondary materials to the textile to meet tougher requirements and provide multi-functionality. Custom cutting, notching and forming provide superior fit and aesthetics. The incorporation of adhesive strips, snaps, and custom attachments deliver quick and repeatable installation.

Please contact us to discuss your unique requirements so that we can help to develop the best solution for your application.