Automotive | Wire, Hose, and Cable Shielding

Tenneco Systems Protection (TSP) is the world’s foremost supplier of protective sleeving and shielding solutions for wires, hoses, and mechanical assemblies. TSP is also leading the way in protecting busbars, battery cases, modules, and more in the emerging electric vehicle (EV) market space.

As the proud designer and manufacturer of Bentley-Harris products, we offer a comprehensive line of high quality solutions intended to protect or improve system performance across a broad range of applications.

Serving all major automotive OEM's worldwide, TSP’s automotive product line includes a comprehensive portfolio of products used across all segments of the light vehicle market including cars, pick-up trucks, SUVs, and crossovers as well as hybrid and electric vehicles.

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We deliver a full line of high quality solutions intended to protect or improve system performance across a broad range of applications, including:

  • Electrical Wire Harnesses
  • Headliners/Doors & Interior Trim
  • Sensors & Critical Components
  • Rubber Hoses
  • Exhaust Pipes & EGR Systems
  • Heat Shields
  • Tube & Cable Protection
  • Crash Zone
  • EMI/RFI Protection

Functional Solutions
With dedicated product lines focused on reducing the effects of mechanical wear, impact damage, and thermal degradation, TSP can help to extend component life and reduce service cost. Additionally, complementary product families target thermal insulation, reduction of electromagnetic interference, and noise attenuation, as well as bundling and routing control, to ensure that systems operate at optimum levels and deliver the ideal user experience.

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Engineering and Technology
Tenneco Systems Protection (TSP) takes pride in being a solution provider and partner to our customers. Utilizing a customer focused approach to quickly solve technical problems and support customer challenges, we aim to deliver the right solution for each application. From engineering in the field through new product design and testing, we strive to provide excellent engineering & technical support in all aspects of the engineering process.

TSP’s world-class technology centers utilize state-of-the art test equipment to simulate real-life conditions, identify root causes, and evaluate product performance. Our continually expanding testing capabilities help to support our customer’s needs including qualification, validation, and application specific testing.

TSP is committed to listening to its customers and continually evolving its product portfolio to meet the challenges and demands of the ever-changing marketplace. Drawing from a broad range of capabilities, and utilizing a variety of different materials, constructions, and design features, we can create
new innovative product designs to meet the needs for performance, survivability, and installation.

About Tenneco Systems Protection
Tenneco Systems Protection (TSP) was founded in 1924 as Bentley-Harris and acquired by Federal-Mogul in 1998. It built its foundation as a North American manufacturer of insulation sleeving for electronics and expanded into the aerospace market in the 1960’s and the automotive market in the 1980’s.

Today TSP continues to grow into new markets and geographic regions in order to meet our customers’ ever-changing needs. With sales offices, technical centers, and manufacturing facilities located throughout the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia, TSP continues to deliver innovative products to a broad customer base within a number of different markets including automotive, aerospace, defense, and railway, as well as a host of other transportation and industrial segments.

As the market leader of protective sleeving and shielding solutions, our goal is to deliver value through continual improvement in our products and processes by focusing on innovative product solutions, superior engineering and technical support, outstanding customer service, manufacturing excellence, and global presence.

Wire, Hose, and Cable Shielding Solutions for Automotive Manufacturers
As a proud manufacturer of Bentley-Harris automotive cable shielding, Tenneco Systems Protection (Tenneco Systems Protection) serves clients in the automotive market and has done so for decades. With manufacturing facilities, technical centers, and sales offices located across Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas, we have a global footprint that enables us to support domestic and international operations.

We are a leading provider of
automotive protective sleeving, offering a comprehensive line of durable, high-quality solutions designed to protect critical electrical infrastructure from factors such as interference, mechanical wear, and exposure to the elements. Our automotive wire shielding can help extend the life cycle of core components, reduce service costs, and enhance product reliability for end users.

Tenneco Systems Protection
s automotive hose shielding and wire protection products are used by all major automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) worldwide, and our automotive protective sleeving is used in all market segments of the light vehicle industry, including:

      Pickup trucks

Our robust solutions can also meet the increased demands of modern electric and hybrid vehicles by providing consistent, reliable protection in even the harshest of conditions. Tenneco Systems Protection is proud to play a key role in the proliferation of the EV market both domestically and abroad.

Applications for Our Automotive Wire Shielding

Tenneco Systems Protection provides automotive manufacturers with a diverse assortment of automotive cable shielding solutions, which are used in a broad range of vehicle systems and components.

As the leader in
automotive wire shielding, Tenneco Systems Protection offers products for virtually every use case, from crash zone protection to heat shielding. Core applications for our line of products include the following:

Electrical Wire Harnesses

Our lightweight and flexible high-performance wire harness solutions guard against abrasion and provide thermal reflectivity, and they are available in a wide variety of lengths and diameters as well.

Rubber Hoses

Our automotive hose shielding provides thermal, NVH, and mechanical damage protection. These products also feature a specialized design that facilitates a secure attachment to hoses.

Tube and Cable Protection

Tube and cable production products from Tenneco Systems Protection offer a significant amount of abrasion protection while optimizing installation speed and minimizing the risk of delays during manufacturing. They are high-performance solutions that are available in a wide variety of cut lengths and diameters.

Headliners, Doors,  and Interior Trims

Our noise-absorbing nonwoven materials are used in interior trims, vehicle doors, and headlines, and they are designed to lower converting costs. We offer both synthetic and natural fiber designs that are available in a broad range of thicknesses and weights.

Exhaust Pipes and EGR Systems

Tenneco Systems Protections exhaust pipe and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) solutions improve emissions performance and protect neighboring components. They are lightweight, customizable, and designed to optimize the installation process.

Heat Shields

Tenneco Systems Protections flexible and lightweight heat shields provide thermal protection in a wide range of applications, requiring little to no retooling of manufacturing processes, and they are exceptionally easy to install.

Sensors and Critical Components

Tenneco Systems Protection products are used in a broad array of critical components and sensors. Available in customized or standard designs, our products facilitate easy installations and perfect fits into virtually any automotive application.

Crash Zone

Crash zone products from Tenneco Systems Protection protect wires, fuel lines, cables, hoses, and other critical components in the event of a vehicle crash. We offer many different application-specific solutions and can provide customized testing to demonstrate that a product will meet a clients unique needs.

Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) Protection

Tenneco Systems Protection offers cutting-edge shielding and sleeving solutions for EMI/RFI applications,  available in a variety of grounding options and thoroughly tested to ensure that they adequately safeguard mission-critical components from such interference.

Technology and Engineering

Tenneco Systems Protections automotive hose shielding and protective wiring products may be at the leading edge of wire, cable, and hose protection, but we are committed to continuous improvement.

With that in mind, we always apply a customer-centric ethos to our product lineup. As our automotive clients continue to push the limits of what
s possible with automotive technology, Tenneco Systems Protection will be there to support them by providing expert technical support and customized solutions.

s more, as part of our commitment to continuous improvement, Tenneco Systems Protection proactively gathers feedback from our extensive client base and applies these insights to innovate our product lineup.

Our global footprint enables us to provide field service across multiple continents. We can deploy members of our international team to provide engineering services, product design and testing, or tailored support, and our world-class technology center is a hub of innovation. We leverage state-of-the-art equipment to design, prototype, and test equipment in simulated conditions that emulate real-world applications.

By exposing our
automotive wire shielding to lifelike conditions, we are able to identify and proactively remedy performance deficiencies. In turn, we are able to provide our clients with thoroughly tested products that meet or exceed the demands of their intended application.

Tenneco Automotive Cable Shielding — Functional Solutions, Measurable Performance Impacts

Tenneco Systems Protectionsextensive line of automotive cable shielding and hose protection products are designed to resolve a broad array of project challenges. With them, automotive manufacturers can maximize the component lives of their critical sensors, electrical infrastructure, and other onboard devices. Our solutions are also used for bundling and routing control purposes, ensuring that our clientsautomotive electrical systems operate optimally under a wide range of environmental conditions.

Tenneco Systems Protection
s automotive wire shielding solutions provide protection against multiple internal and external forces by providing the following qualities:

      Mechanical/abrasion resistance
      Impact/crash resistance
      Thermal reflectivity and containment
      Electromagnetic interference mitigation
      Noise attenuation
      Electrical insulation
      Wire bundling

When performance and longevity matter, Tenneco Systems Protection is the only choice for your automotive cable shielding needs.

Why Choose Tenneco’s Automotive Cable Shielding Solutions?

Our automotive hose shielding and cable protection products are recognized among the best in the world. The Bentley-Harris line of cable and wire protection products, which Tenneco Systems Protection proudly designs and manufactures, is trusted by OEMs and automotive manufacturers across the globe.

Furthermore, leaders in the automotive space consistently turn to Tenneco because of what we offer, such as:

Unparalleled Experience

Bentley-Harris was founded nearly a century ago, in 1924, and ultimately transformed into the global entity that is Tenneco Systems Protection. Our decades of experience and wealth of industry expertise make us the leading choice for OEMs and automotive manufacturers.

Dynamic Array of Products

Tenneco Systems Protections line of automotive hose shielding and protective wire components includes hundreds of options. Our products are available in a broad range of materials, sizes, and cut lengths, enabling us to serve clients in markets including automotive, aerospace, and commercial motor vehicles.

Global Footprint

Our global network of sales, support, and engineering personnel enables us to meet the needs of clients domestically and abroad. For the client that needs onshore and offshore support, Tenneco Systems Protection is the clear choice.

Client-First Approach

At Tenneco Systems Protection, everything we do is focused on our clients and their end-users. When designing products for automotive industry clients, we prioritize component longevity and durability so that we can decrease the lifetime maintenance expenses of the end-user. As the market leader in automotive wire shielding products, we are committed to delivering continuous value to our valued clients.

Would You Like to Learn More?

To learn more about Tenneco Systems Protection and our automotive wire shielding solutions, we invite you to explore our digital catalog of Bentley-Harris products. You can also connect with us directly for personalized support.

In addition to providing an extensive line of
automotive hose shielding and wire protection components, Tenneco Systems Protection also offers custom design and prototyping services. If your project calls for a unique combination of mechanical wear, electrical interference, or temperature protection, the experienced engineering team at Tenneco Systems Protection can easily accommodate you.

Connect with us today and see why OEMs across the globe trust Tenneco Systems Protection to be their preferred
automotive wire shielding provider.