Tenneco Systems Protection (TSP) is the world’s foremost supplier of protective sleeving and shielding solutions for wires, hoses, and mechanical assemblies.
As the proud designer and manufacturer of Bentley-Harris products, we offer a comprehensive line of high quality solutions intended to protect or improve system performance across a broad range of applications. With dedicated product lines focused on reducing the effects of mechanical wear, impact damage, and thermal degradation, TSP can help to extend component life and reduce service cost. Additionally, complementary product families target thermal insulation, reduction of electromagnetic interference, and noise attenuation, as well as bundling and routing control, to ensure that systems operate at optimum levels and deliver the ideal user experience.

With sales offices, technical centers, and manufacturing facilities located throughout the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia, TSP delivers innovative products to a broad customer base within a number of different markets including automotive, aerospace, defense, and railway, as well as a host of other transportation and industrial segments.
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Due to the diverse needs and extensive qualification requirements unique to each industry, please refer to the appropriate market and its individual product lines below:
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With industry recognition through specifications from all major aircraft manufacturers worldwide, Tenneco's aerospace / defense product line provides specially designed solutions to various segments of the aircraft market, including large commercial aircraft, fighter jets, business jets, regional jets, UAVs, and satellites.

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Serving all major automotive OEM's worldwide, TSP’s automotive product line includes a comprehensive portfolio of products used across all segments of the light vehicle market including cars, pick-up trucks, SUVs, and crossovers as well as hybrid and electric vehicles.

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Our full line of products designed for the railway industry have been extensively tested to the various regional requirements of our railway customers, and can be used to protect wire harnesses and cable assemblies in several areas of a railway car including in cabin, in chassis, under carriage, and within electrical cabinets.  Applications include high speed trains, monorails, rolling stock, and light rail.

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Designed to meet the rugged requirements of the commercial vehicle market as well as to assist our customers in meeting permissible emissions standards, our heavy truck product line includes a comprehensive portfolio of products used across all segments of the commercial vehicle market with a focus on Class 5 through 8 vehicles, including both vocational and on-highway trucks.

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With applications ranging from construction and agricultural equipment to ATVs and snowmobiles, Tenneco’s Off-Road product line addresses a number of thermal and abrasion issues caused by the harsh environments these types of vehicles are exposed to.  From dirt and moisture to salt spray and vibration caused by rough terrain, our Off-Road product line withstands the toughest conditions.

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Tenneco’s Electronics product line includes a number of UL Recognized Components, including the popular Expando® brand of sleeving.  Used primarily for the mechanical and EMI protection of wire harnesses, these products cover a wide range of applications from consumer electronics to telecommunications equipment to power supplies.

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Utilizing products designed to meet the most challenging temperature environments, Tenneco’s Industrial product line includes the well-known Fyrejacket® sleeving product as well as sleeves constructed from unique materials such as ceramic and silica fibers.  This product line covers a diverse set of customer needs, with applications ranging from industrial steel mills to mining equipment to oil drilling.

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